Duy Bui & Marcial Koch

warm, cold, still, 2024


drip, drip, zshh

tiny droplets falling, evaporating, and condensating.

Atoms vibrate and sustain life.  Every cell absorbs and releases water, sharing it across time.

Our bodies, leaking and challenging individualism. The installation cycles water between warm and cold plates, creating a sonic, immersive, resonating space.



Duy Bui (1994) is a Zurich-based artist. His practice is led by research on colonial traces, landscape histories, ecologies, and plant drifts. He works across installation, photography, film, and sound.

Marcial Koch (1994) is an interaction designer and artist based in Zug, CH. He creates playful interactions between people, machines, and other entities, bridging analog and digital worlds. His work merges architecture, art, and science.


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